Born Sexy Yesterday: A sexual fantasy, created by men for men, usually in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Features adult female characters that exude sex appeal, but, in other ways, display the intelligence and innocence of a young child.

Born Sexy Yesterday characters are:
Often aliens, algorithms, robots, and mermaids
Naïve and dependent…

A reworked version of the original inclusion rider tool was recently released. It includes new policies that focus on accountability and hiring targets, and brings together civil rights, racial justice, and legal expertise to provide resources for increased representation throughout Hollywood.

Inclusion riders are additions A-List stars make to their…

Like live action television, adult animation has been dominated by men behind the scenes. Onscreen, women are often seen in the usual supporting roles of mother, wife, sister, or sexy fantasy girlfriend.

Now, adult animation has opened up to include:
New styles of animation
Content that pushed the boundaries
More female creators
Women in…

What is The Glow Up Trope?

An “unattractive” woman gets a makeover and suddenly she is beautiful, acceptable, and worthy.

The goal is to make the woman conform to societal standards of beauty otherwise she’s not worthy of getting the man (heteronormative), fitting in with the cool girls (often classist)…

We’ve watched some STEAMY shows lately and wondered how *those* scenes are shot. See Normal People, Bridgerton, and I May Destroy You among others. Intimacy coordinators are used to create and facilitate these scenes for a realistic look and the safety of actors.

Intimacy Coordinators 101
They are professionals who work…

What is colorism? Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

When Black actors are cast:
>Lighter skinned actors generally get leading and more desirable roles such as love interest, successful professional, entertainer, etc.
>Darker skinned actors are typically…

Using a fat suit and other prosthetic makeup to add weight to an otherwise slim actor, usually to perpetuate a joke.

Fat suits are not generally used to portray nuanced stories of full lives lived in larger bodies. Their typical use for sight gags is retrogressive and perpetuate harmful…


You care about gender equity in media. PictureParity helps you take action.

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