Working Girl — What Works and What Doesn’t 30+ Years Later

We just rewatched Working Girl for the first time since it came out over 30 years ago. We were pleasantly surprised by aspects that still rang true today however, not unexpectantly, a number of things are outdated (and not just the fabulous 80s fashions!).

What still works:
> It addresses ongoing issues of sexual harassment, gender bias, classism, privilege, and educational inequality.
> It highlights the bonds of women as friends and colleagues.
> The anthemic Let the River Run is still moving!

What doesn’t work:
> Even in a movie about a woman succeeding professionally, Tess still has to be desirable as a woman and there were plenty of male-gaze directed scenes of the female characters in lingerie or naked.
> Workplace harassment is treated as a given and feels particularly awkward today and she still needs the assistance of men for career advancement.
> Saying ‘I have a head for business and a bod for sin” at a professional event!

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